First Holy Communion


The Parish Team is currently still planning the 2021-2022 Holy Communion programme and working out how we can run the classes effectively in a safe with the the current situation of the pandemic. This means considering whether we can run some face to face sessions or not, and looking at the possibility of running online sessions (through Zoom or other virtual platforms). There are constantly updated government rules to follow in ensuring the safety of the children, parents, catechists and all involved. We appreciate your patience, understanding and collaboration in this working process!

If your child is in Primary School Year 3 (or above) and you would like them to be prepared to receive First Holy Communion in May 2022, please:

  • fill in the Application Form;
  • attach a photo of the child;
  • provide a copy of the child’s baptism certificate (if not baptised in SJV);
  • submit it to the Parish Office by 20th September 2021.

Children who are in non-Catholic schools are required to attend supplement Religious Education classes.

We hope to begin the programme in November, but would like to have an online meeting with you first to discuss the possible teaching modes as well as listen to your input and concerns. Once we receive the forms, we will contact you with the date and time of the meeting (hopefully in the first or second week of October) and send you the link to the virtual meeting.