Church reopening

A number of people have been asking when our church will re-open.  The simple answer is – we do not know.  We have been pondering the same question.

There are numerous factors to be considered.  We have a clear message from the Government:


We note the cases of deaths in London are increasing. The week of 7th January – 975 deaths; the week of 14th January – 1,112; the week of 21st January – 1,260 deaths.  Hospitals are full and overwhelmed and staffs are at breaking point.

The schools are still closed as are so many other premises in our country.

We just need to be careful at this junction as the numbers of positive cases of Covid-19 seem to be on the decline.  Now is the time for vigilance.

So at the moment our church will remain closed and as soon as it seems sensible we will re-open.

Thank you for your patience. Keep safe.

God bless,

Fr Joe

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