Reflection by Sr. Anabel

Dear friends,

The Lenten season is a privileged time to reflect in the Mystery of our Faith, in the gift of our Faith. As Pope Francis says in his message for Lent:

“Let us renew our faith, draw from the ‘living water’ of hope,
and receive with open hearts the love of God,
who makes us brothers and sisters in Christ.”

What is our Faith? We can say, it is a ‘Person’, it is a relationship, it is the taste of God in our daily life. We Christians believe in a God who is with us, who accompanies us, who is present and lives among us. We do not have a God who is far from us, who is indifferent of us. We have and we believe in a God who commits himself with each one of us, who said “I am with you always until the end of this world” (Mt 28: 20). In the midst of all we are living within this pandemic we have Him with and among us, we are not alone. We have this precious and invaluable Gift which is our Faith.

Jesus taught us that it is possible to have a relationship with this God. He taught us that God is not indifferent to what we are living; on the contrary, He is attentive to and longing for us. The Gospels show us how Jesus looked for God early in the mornings, in moments of difficulties, before choosing his disciples, to know what to do… Jesus had a very close and intimate relationship with God the Father. God the Father was Someone for Him. He tried to teach his disciples to have this same relationship with God as He had, and this is his inheritance for us.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus is upset with what is happening in the temple. He defends his Father’s House, because for Him, the Temple is the meeting place with His Father, with our Father. It is the privileged place to share with God. This Temple is not just a building: it is the Temple of our hearts, of our lives, of that place in us where we can meet God – this is the Temple of which Jesus is zealous.

This is the place where we find refreshment, joy, light and wisdom as today’s Psalm describes.
Gerard W. Hughes describes it instead as the place of deeper sense of wonder and delight in God:

I know there is a place for solemnity, for reverence, for penitence and silent adoration.
We need those times to become more aware of God and of ourselves, but if our religious practice and teaching is healthy, it must lead us to a deeper sense of wonder and delight in God, the God of infinite possibilities, always new; a beckoning God who leads us on a treasure hunt.
(“God, where are you?” by Gerard W. Hughes)

This Lenten season we can try to go deep to find and enjoy that place, the place of God in us, the Temple of God within our hearts. Let us renew our Faith, Hope and Love, growing in our relationship with God and allowing Him to give us His wisdom and strength (cf. 1 Corinthians 1: 22-25).

God bless, Sr. Anabel

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