CAFOD online workshop event

Learn step-by-step how to lobby your MP in support of CAFOD’s Reclaim Our Common Home campaign with this free training session.

2021 is a critical year as world leaders decide how the world rebuilds from the pandemic. As Catholics we have an important role to play in calling for the world’s poorest communities to be included.

We are inviting Catholics nationwide to organise a public meeting with other parishioners to discuss the importance of this year for the world with their local MP.

Join us to find out how to meet your MP as a parish group on Sat 10 April, 11am to 12.30.

Book at

What will be covered in this training session:

  • Faith and community participation: why it matters
  • How to set up a meeting with your local MP
  • The key elements of successfully promoting an event
  • The secret of not being put off by technology and run an engaging webinar
  • The challenges of facilitating an online meeting and how to address them
  • How to commit your MP to taking action
  • The ‘Reclaim our Common Home’ campaign and why its three demands are vital
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