Sunday Reflection by Sr. Anabel (18/04/2021)

Dear Parishioners,

I would like to start by saying HAPPY EASTER to you all! I know that we are already on the 3rd Sunday of Easter but I feel like I have not had the opportunity to say it personally to all of you!

Today we say a beautiful line from Psalm 4: “Lift up the light of your face on us, O Lord” – and I think this is what Jesus did and is doing since He was risen. He is giving us His Light, a Light that has overcome darkness.

In the gospel see another encounter between Jesus and his friends. Jesus was faithful to them. He was attentive to what they were living and need. He knew that they were confused with all that was happening and because of that he stood among them. He came to them to show ‘the light of His face’. He came to give His Peace to them, to share the food with them again, to explain the Scriptures once more and to send them off to preach God’s love and mercy to all nations.

What a beautiful and real experience of Jesus they had!!

Painting by Sieger Koder

We, too, have the opportunity to experience Jesus in a similar way. Jesus is always attentive to what each and every one of us is living, just as He knew what His friends were going through when He appeared to them in that room. At each Mass, Jesus comes to us and shows us ‘the light of His face’ to guide us through the dark: He speaks to us through all the readings and explains His Words to us; He gives us His Peace; He shares Himself in the Eucharist and nourishes us with the Bread of Life; and He sends us off to preach and share His Love and to be His witnesses to all nations – to our families, our friends, our colleagues, our neighbours, etc.

What a beautiful and real experience of Jesus we are able to have every Mass, at the table of the Lord!

I wish you all a good weekend and stay safe!

Anabel, FMVD

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