Young Christian Climate Network Relay (YCCN)

It was a privilege last weekend to join with Young Christians who has been organising a relay from St Ives to Glasgow. They were at the London stage of the relay. There were several services and celebrations to highlight the need for each one of us to care for our planet.

You will be aware of the effects of climate change: Fires in Greece, Turkey, California; flooding in Germany, Turkey, Belgium, London; droughts in various parts of the world.

During the week the United Nations, IPPC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have published a 3000 page document outlining the current urgent situation and it also gives the agenda for the COP26 Conference in Glasgow in November 2021.

Any support we can give those young people will be so rewarding. I was glad to be able to join in the relay from Muswell Hill to Borehamwood on Tuesday.

Information can be found on

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