Reflection by Sr Anabel (29/08/2021)


Dear Parishioners,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer! For some of you the summer break will be coming to an end since, on Wednesday pupils are back to school. Perhaps in your homes life is revolving around that: notebooks, uniforms, etc. Maybe there is excitement from the children too or maybe not! We are going to start another term, another academic year.  How will it be? Who knows!?

Some of you know that I work as chaplain in two Universities, and we have the same question: how is this new academic year going to be? Will it be the same as the one that just finished? Who knows!?

We have had the pandemic as a worldwide challenge these past few years and I am sure we have had other personal challenges too. We deal with uncertainties, some situations that we would like to resolve, but we cannot. On the other hand, we have certainties which are our solid ground in life. I think that faith is one of them and prayer too. The gift of being able to communicate with God. It is a priceless gift. To listen to God, to listen to His Word, to keep it within our heart and allow it to guide our steps. We are not alone in this world, no, we are not! He is with us every day of our life.

The first reading says: “No other people is as wise and prudent as this great nation.” And indeed, what great nation is there that has its gods so near as the Lord our God is to us whenever we call to him? (Deuteronomy 4:1-2,6-8) What a profound sentence! We can think about it, ponder it. We have an enormous privilege that we do not deserve that our God is always near to us.

He is near us; He has given us His Word. He has planted it in us (James 1:17-18, 21-22, 27). His Word is able to give fruit within us and through us; it all depends on how we keep it and what we do with it. In the Gospel, Jesus challenges the people, and us too! to listen to His Word carefully and keep it within our hearts because: Nothing that goes into a man from outside can make him unclean; it is the things that come out of a man that make him unclean. Jesus is very clear; it all depends on what we keep in our heart, this will be the fruit of our life.

Keep safe and God bless,

Anabel Gonzalez, FMVD

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