Weapons of Death!!

I joined hundreds of others protesting at the EXCEL Arms Trade sales during the week. You will have seen the news, the extent of those horrific weapons of mass destruction and death. They are freely available to anyone with money.

I wondered, in looking at the news from Afghanistan, where all those weapons were bought? Whether in the UK or elsewhere, it’s sad to see such investments bringing death and destruction to innocent people in Yemen etc. When both resources and scientific knowledge; could be put to saving lives, not killing. But we were conveniently reminded by the Major Generals that it’s all about defence and security and giving employment is added to the charade. And now, this week the US and UK have introduced Australia for the first time to a fleet of nuclear submarines, as if this isn’t enough militarisation! Australia and China have been good trading partners, but lately relations have gone sour.

I wonder was/is there any way that matters could have been settled other than weapons? Diplomacy and dialogue for instance. I’ve come across a slogan: “If war was the answer, it must have been a stupid question!” This about sums up some of our political activities at present! Fr Joe

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