Reflection by Sr. Anabel

 27th SUNDAY OF THE YEAR –02nd /3rd OCT, 2021

Dear Parishioners,

Welcome to autumn!! It is so beautiful to see nature surrounding us these days. I was looking at the plants, the trees, the colour of their leaves, some of them becoming red, yellow. I am amazed by all the variety that God has made! Everything is so beautiful, so perfect!

The process of Life is absolutely amazing! From a little seed we can have 20 delicious tomatoes or more!! How wonderful is all creation! This Sunday we will listen to the Creation passage in the first reading. God created everything in harmony, plants, animals, and especially man and woman, all was part of His mind, part of His plan for us. He created us to live sharing our life with others enjoying the creation together. What a wonderful and harmonic Plan! He made us to share with Him too, to live following His Plans.

His Plan is to share with us, to live and be part of our life. In the second reading we will hear how He came down to the world that He created. He came to share with His creation. The One who created the world came to share with His creation! The Creator’s Son among His creation! This is too big! Even more, He calls us “brothers” and “sisters”! He made us His Family.

In the Gospel, Jesus speaks about the value of each one of us. When a man and a woman decide to get married, then Jesus said they are no longer two people, they become one body. What an important concept Jesus is giving, man and woman have the same dignity because both were made with the same dignity by the same Creator and both are part of His family. On the top of this Jesus is making clear what we need to do to enjoy and to enter in that harmonic Plan that God since the beginning thought for us: to become as a child, who believes and trusts in His Father.

May we be able to enjoy of the creation that he has made and that surrounds us every day, in the plants, flowers, birds, all animals, and specially in every person with whom we share our life.

In another note, this weekend we have the Pastoral Letter by Cardinal Vincent Nichols, in which he invites us to do a journey together to a Synod of Bishops in 2023: “There is a world-wide aspect to this process, leading to a Synod of Bishops in 2023. But the Pope asks us to begin in our own situations, with our own experience, especially of this last year and a half which has surfaced both strengths and weaknesses in our life as the Church.

The kind of questions we can explore are these: during this terrible pandemic what strengths did I find in my faith and faith community? How, during this time, was I disappointed and sorrowful? In what ways did the grace of God most clearly touch and uplift me? Whom did we neglect the most? Who feels left out? What could we do better? How do we choose priorities for our own mission?”

As a Parish community we can reflect together in our strengths and weaknesses.

Have a good weekend,

Anabel Gonzalez, FMVD

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