Message from Fr Joe (24/10/2021)


Dear parishioners,

In today’s Gospel, we meet a blind man called Bartimaeus. When he met Jesus, in spite of the crowd trying to hinder him, his prayer was: “Lord, that I may see again”. This too can be our prayer because in many ways we too are blind. Jesus wants to help us open eyes and minds too.

The first reading from Jeremiah is full of joy. The prophet foretells of the return of the Jewish nation from exile in Babylon.

In the letter to the Hebrews, Jesus is seen as the High Priest who offers his life for the redemption of all humanity.

In the story of Bartimaeus, we see Jesus again bringing healing to his people. He restores the sight of the blind man … it is OUR STORY TOO!! Most of us have no idea what it is like to be blind. To be blind is to be cut off from other people; you are in an isolated world of your own; you are so dependent in others and must feel very vulnerable.

Notice in the Gospel story, the crowd tried to silence Bartimaeus. He was a nobody.

Jesus spent his ministry opening the eyes, the ears, the hearts and minds of the people of his day.

THE SYNODAL PROCESS: This seems as good a background as any, for us to think of what Pope Francis has asked us to do as a Church in order to prepare for the Synod of Bishops in a couple of years’ time.

Today you will be given a leaflet outlining the process we have been invited to participate in. We are invited to hear one another tell our story of our joys, hopes and fears. There are a few questions for us to dwell on. Then next weekend you are invited to stay back for about 30 minutes in the church after the 6pm, 9am and 11am Masses. Here we will be able to share some of the ideas you been thinking about and put in writing. Even if it is only one sentence you write, when all are gathered together they will tell a story of what we share as a parish community.

This idea will be fed into the Diocese and presented to Cardinal Vincent as he heads for Rome for the Synod. Thank you for your time and patience in participation of this project.

COP26: The momentum seems to be gathering in relation to the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. We hope that all the nations concerned will play their part in protecting our planet.

Have a blessed week! Fr Joe

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