Message from Fr. Joe (31/10/2021)

Feast of All Saints

Dear parishioners,

Today we celebrate the Feast of ALL SAINTS. They are the women and men who have gone before us – well known and unknown. The list includes family and friends whose holiness and love has touched our lives. They tried to live the Beatitudes (today’s Gospel). They lived their lives in simplicity loving and serving God and others; they may have shown by example how to live in courage, dealing with sickness or tragedy; they may have challenged injustices and worked for the good of other people. We thank them for their examples and hope we can find inspiration from their lives.


In November we follow that beautiful tradition of praying for all our departed loved ones. You may write their names on the paper provided at the front corner of the church and they will be remembered in all the Masses during November.


During the week I signed a letter with thousands of others to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, asking that we work together to:

  • Unleash to clean energy revolution that boost job across the UK, making our transport, power and housing fit for the future.
  • Protect, restore and expand our green and wild spaces; allowing nature to thrive, taking carbon from the air and boosting the nation’s health.
  • Leave no one behind by increasing support to those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change at home and abroad.

This is important: now is the hour as the UK, in conjunction with Italy, are hosting the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow this coming week. The UK must lead the world by ensuring the recovery gets us on track to net-zero emissions and limits, the rise in global temperatures to 1.5° Celsius. Our best chance of building a resilient economy goes hand in hand with tackling climate change.

We are ready to play our part and we call on you (and the government) to join us!

This letter sums up what the challenge is that we are facing as humanity right now. ‘Tomorrow’ will be too late. We owe it to future generations that we, as many nations in our world, take seriously the ‘signs of the times’ and what is happening to our planet now. “The writing is on the wall”:  there is still time to act. The outcome of COP26 will be a milestone in the history of humanity. Many promises were made at the Paris Conference, COP21, some five years ago, but have not yet been fulfilled.

We pray for all involved in the deliberations in Glasgow over the next twelve days and that a favourable outcome will emerge. There are prayer cards at the back of church; please do take one and pray for the success of COP21.

PREPARATION FOR THE SYNOD: Thanks to all who have spent some time reflecting on the questions posed last weekend. Pope Francis is keen that we, as a Church, are listening to each other; that we try to respond to the challenges facing us as followers of Jesus; and that together we can travel the road that the Holy Spirit is guiding on our spiritual journey as God’s own people. As invited last week – if we can gather for half an hour to share our “homework” and listen to each other, that will be very much appreciated. We will be in a position to present to Cardinal Vincent and the other bishops, something of our concerns, hopes and fears at this point in the process of being on a journey together.

If you are unable to stay behind, please leave the leaflet on which you have shared your ideas. Thank you.

Have a blessed week! Fr Joe

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