Reflection by Sr Anabel (05/12/2021)


Dear Parishioners,

We are in the 2nd Sunday of Advent and the invitation from the Gospel is to ‘Prepare a way for the Lord’ (Lk 3:4). What does that mean in our lives and in our community? How can we ‘Prepare a way for the Lord’ here and now?

When we build a path, we need to look carefully at the ground where we are building. When I see this community, what do I see? I see many people who look after each other and try to live what they believe – this is not a path that we are starting now but the journey of a lifetime that grows day by day. I invite you to look around and reflect: how many details of generosity do you see in this community? Take your time, do not rush… and now I invite you to think: How was this possible? Where has this come from?

Reading Philippians 1 (our second reading this weekend), I found that St. Paul gives us an answer: “I am quite certain that the One who began this good work in you will see that it is finished when the Day of Christ Jesus comes”. Someone has begun this good work within us and through us because we allowed Him to do it. Jesus has been walking with us from the beginning of our journeys; sometimes we are aware of him, sometimes not but he has been working in and through our lives.

This Advent is a good moment to stop and reflect, to ask ourselves: what good work has He done within me and through me? And what good work would He like to continue doing? How can I cooperate and continue building, walking this path?

We are going to start a new year very soon… we can put this coming year in his hands and pray that we can continue grow in His dreams and plans for our lives. Let’s take time to think and pray about it.

Have a great week ahead! Anabel Gonzalez, VDMF

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