Message from Fr. Joe (19/12/21)


Dear Parishioners,

How fitting it is, that so near the celebration of the birth of Jesus, that Mary, his mother should be at the center of today’s readings.  Mary had just been visited by the Angel Gabriel and was invited to be mother of our Saviour.  Mary said, ‘YES’, even without understanding all the implications. Mary said: “I am the handmaid of the Lord, let what you have said, be done to me”.  We must echo that ‘yes’ of Mary in our lives.

Mary thought least of herself and most about her cousin Elizabeth, who was now six months pregnant with John.  Rather than wallowing in her own condition,
Mary set out to be with her cousin whom she knows would need help at this stage.  As both pregnant mothers meet, the
baby in Elizabeth’s womb leapt for joy.  What about the dancing we heard about last week? Elizabeth feels honoured that she should be visited by her cousin, Mary. 
‘Yes, blessed is she who believed that the promise made to her by the Lord would be fulfilled’.

We are a people who live in the shadow of God’s promises.  God always keeps his promises.  They may not be always understood by us or may not be carried out as quickly as we would expect or in the way we imagined.  This promise is Jesus: He will fulfil all that has gone before in the promises made by the Prophets and ALL that will come after Him.  He stands at the very center of time – the Old and the New Testament; the Beginning and the End (Alpha and Omega).  It is Jesus who can stand at the center of our lives today.  The Great Promise of God is fulfilled in the stable in Bethlehem; Jesus born of the line of David through Joseph, husband of Mary.  As Christians we are a people of fulfilled promises.  Let us rejoice in this wonderful truth as we approach the birth of Christ our Saviour.

We take this opportunity to say thanks for all your help during the year; also, for your cards and gifts at this time. We wish you all a blessed Christmas and New Year ahead.

Have a pleasant week!
God bless,
Fr Joe

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