Christmas Message from Fr. Joe (24/12/21)

Dear Parishioners,

The scripture readings on the other side of this page are the ones we repeat at all the Christmas Masses, not just what would be considered the Midnight Mass.  They give the central message very clearly.

On this Holy Night/Day, a new chapter in the history of humanity has been opened.  Let the message of the Angels ring again in your ears, mind and heart.  ‘Do not be afraid.  Listen, I bring you news of great joy, a joy to be shared by the whole people.  Today in the town of David (Bethlehem) a saviour has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.  And here is a sign for you: ‘you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.’  (I suggest you read those words slowly again as if addressed to you for the first time!).

Note, we are not to be afraid – whatever fears or uncertainties in our lives, we are not too allow them to overcome our joy,

Why?  Because we are about to hear some wonderful news and this message is to be shared with joy to the whole of humanity.  The good news is: ‘Today a Saviour has been born to us; he is Christ the Lord’.  We should be jumping with joy and celebrating this wonderful truth.

The Word of God is made flesh; a human being like us; God has entered our human race, taking on our human form.  The promise of God is fulfilled.  “He has visited his people … has become one of us.”  He did this that we could become like him.  It is a two-way event.  Humanity can never be the same again.  A new era has dawned.  The Kingdom of God has arrived.

We could do well to remember here the words of Jesus in relation to John the Baptist.  John was considered the greatest Prophet of all.  Many of the great prophets, Isaiah, Amos, Jeremiah etc., had foretold the coming of a Saviour, the Messiah.  But John was the one who pointed

him out at the Jordan.  Jesus said: “The least in the Kingdom of God is greater than John.  Where does that leave us?  In this new era, as a result of today’s Feast of Christmas we are blessed!!

We are part of God’s Family, now Jesus is our Brother!  No mistake about it!  This is just one of the many truths we are celebrating on this Christmas Day.  So let us rejoice – we are blessed!

So let us gather in our minds all our Christmas past – the joy, goodness and happy memories – not just to live in the past, but to be assured of the firm foundation of hope that is in our hearts.  Even while we are restricted by the pandemic, let the light of Jesus shine through all the anguish, confusion and disappointments.  Our Saviour is in our midst.  Let us rejoice once more at his birth in Bethlem.  Let him be reborn again in our hearts and minds today.

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