Message from Fr Joe (16/01/2022)


Dear Parishioners,

On this weekend, as we are invited to pray for peace in our world, let us look in at the Wedding at Cana and see what we can learn. The image of the wedding feast in scripture is used to describe the relationship between God and his people. It reminds us of the love God has for us, just like the young couple are completely in love with each other. It shows too of God’s generous love for us in the super-supply of the best wines! We see that Mary, the mother of Jesus was invited too. She is observant and notices the wine supply is runing low. The Jewish festive wedding could last a week, so you can imagine the amount of wine needed. The couple would be the ‘talk of the town’ if they ran short of wine.

Mary invites Jesus to do something about it. It seems like a rebuff to his mother when Jesus said: “Woman, why turn to me…” The next time we hear such a phrase is Jesus’ words from the Cross. It is a term of affection, in this context. Then we have the last words of Mary recorded in the Gospel:”Do whatever he tells you”.  So the message is clear – we are to follow Jesus’ instruction. What happened at Cana was not a one-off happening. The changing of water into wine is paralled in Jesus’ ministry.
For the widow at Naim, Jesus changed tears into joy; for Zacchaeus he changed selfishness into love; for the thief on Calvary he changed despair into hope and on Easter morning he changed death into life.

We are invited to follow this pattern of change and growth.
The Spirit of God mentioned by Paul in today’s second reading reminds us of the variery of God’s gifts that we are given.
We have the gift of being able to speak God’s Word; the gift of Wisdom; the gift of faith; the gift of healing; the gift of interpreting and announcing God’s words to others; the gift of prophesy to explain God’s hope for us. We need to recognise these gifts and talents in each other.

This way we can build up the Body of Christ, as part of all humanity. This we can make real when we work for peace, good will and reconciliation. When we forgive each other; when we hold out the hand of friendship; when we try to remove weapons of mass destruction; when we speak for those who have no voice of their own – all of these and more help to build up God’s kingdom, of Justice, Love and Peace.

That’s all for now, God bless! Fr Joe

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