Message from Fr Joe (13/02/2022)

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 12th/13th Feb 2022

Dear Parishioners,

How sad it would be if it were said of any of us: “If good comes, they have no eyes for it”. Sometimes we can begrudge the good fortune of others or even in our own lives are not aware of the many blessings we have.  The glass is half empty rather than being half full! This fullness of life is promised us as St Paul declares that Jesus is raised from the dead and this is our promise of eternal life with God. In the Gospel, we are given the formula of how to live.  The Beatitudes of St Luke may not ‘flow’ as neatly as in St Matthew, but the ingredients for living are there.  

It makes sense to read ‘blessed’ instead of ‘happy’ when proclaiming the Gospel.  Blessed are the poor; the hungry; the sad and those reviled.  It just shows how human values are turned on their head.  In the time of Jesus, to be rich and powerful was considered a blessing from God. For many, that holds true today.  We know that Jesus in his ministry, befriended the poor, the sinner, the outcast and those considered less desirable in society.

We need to ask ourselves today: what is our attitude to the poor who are struggling in life because of their poverty; those who have nothing like the homeless or the migrant of people with disabilities?

There is no place to hide from the message of today’s scriptures.  It is clear that “God’s ways are not our ways”.  We often try to water down the harsh realities and challenge of Jesus’ words.  Did Jesus really mean that we are to love our enemies; see him in the outcasts of society and move out of our comfort zones and ideas? 

We take the Beatitudes to be the formula for service to God and neighbour in our Christian journey.  We must not then be surprised at the challenge.  We see the price of discipleship in those who have gone before us.  What was the cost of discipleship for St Paul, St Thomas More, St John Fisher, St Edith Stein, St Oscar Romeo and the many others who have given witness to their faith?  They gave their lives totally – that was the price!  Our giving of our lives need to be in the living out of that generosity on a daily basis.  When we are generous in little things, it’s remarkable how God can transform them into greater blessings.

That all for this week, God bless,

Fr Joe

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