Reflection by Sr. Catherine Cruz (13/03/2022)

2nd Sunday of Lent

Dear friends,

Last week we followed Jesus into the desert to pray, this week he invites us to accompany him up a mountain. The desert is a place of letting go of so much stuff that distracts us and keeps us on the surface of our lives. The mountain is about entering into another level, entering into God’s perspective of our life.

Have you ever climbed a mountain, or even a good-sized hill, like Alexandra Palace? Going up can be a bit of a struggle, but when you reach the top, the view is amazing. You can see beyond buildings that usually tower above you, you can see into the distance.

The amazing thing about this reading about the Transfiguration, is that Jesus invites his closest disciples, and us, to accompany him in his prayer on the mountain. The truth is that every time we pray, from simply saying the ‘Our Father’, to participating in the Eucharist, actually we are joining in with Jesus at prayer.

The disciples, Peter, John and James, only catch a glimpse of what is happening, but what they manage to put into words, what we read in the Gospel today, is very encouraging. They see the brilliantly transfigured Jesus, they see Moses and Elijah, who represent God’s ongoing faithfulness and unfolding plan for the people of God; when Peter tries to hold onto this moment they are covered by a cloud.

The cloud is another symbol of God’s presence; the people of Israel were led by a cloud by day on their desert journey (Exodus 13:21), when Moses receives the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai there is a dense cloud (Exodus 20:17). The cloud is also a way of speaking of the mystery of God. We can glimpse something of God’s presence in our lives but also there is so much that we cannot understand. We need to hold onto the words spoken in the cloud, ‘This is my Son, The Chosen one. Listen to him’: Jesus present in the Word, present in the Eucharist is with us and shows us the way, with his love with his self-giving and the promise that he is with us always, in the moments of Cross and beyond into the Resurrection. In these uncertain times may we hold onto the hope from the mountain top and share that hope with others.   

God bless! Catherine Cruz, FMVD

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