Message from Sr. Anabel (05/06/2022)

Dear Parishioners,


Today we celebrate the fulfilment of God’s promise. For God it was not enough to create the world and to create us. He wanted to be part of our life and that is why He sent his Son to be with us and among us, and when Jesus had to leave, He sent us his Holy Spirit to be within us. Through his Spirit He makes his home within us.

In last week’s newsletter, Fr Joe said that “true unity must be able to accommodate differences. Unity is achieved when each member is different and contributes different gifts…”, and this is the work of the Holy Spirit. We saw last week in sport; how many people were united in the hope of Liverpool winning the Champions trophy (almost!). Also, this weekend we are celebrating Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, all united celebrating her service as a Queen for 70 years, an amazing life! Many events can unite us in one desire or purpose for a moment, but the unity that flows from the Holy Spirit goes deeper.

The Holy Spirit is able to create unity in diversity, understanding in the differences, strength in the uncertainty. The disciples were witnesses of the Holy Spirit’s power within their own lives and thanks to the impulse of the Spirit in their lives, that moved them to spread the faith, that our Christian faith has reached through generations and generations to us. We all are different; different cultures, ages, married, single, religious, priest, etc., and yet we are united in one Spirit, we understand one language: God’s language.

The Holy Spirit is coming to teach us and remind us all that Jesus has taught us. We can journey with him wherever we find ourselves now in our life and allow him to take us wherever he thinks is the best way for us.

Have a great weekend and week ahead,
Anabel Gonzalez, FMVD

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