Message from Sr. Devy (19/06/2022)

Dear Parishioners,

First of all, thank you so much for the wonderful farewell party last Sunday! It was so lovely to see everyone, and I truly appreciate your presence in that special celebration. It is so heart-warming to look around and see the collaboration and generosity of every one of you, not just last Sunday but week after week, in so many different ways, faithfully. It is a real and living example of what St. Paul wrote to the people in Galatia in our second reading today:

Serve one another, rather, in works of love, since the whole of the Law is summarised in a single command: Love your neighbour as yourself.

There are 1752 paragraphs in our Catholic ‘Code of Canon Law’ – I doubt I can find one person in our whole parish who has ever read them, but no fret, these are more juridical rather than spiritual and you’re not really expected to know them anyway. Knowing the Ten Commandments would be a good start… but at the end of the day, St. Paul summarised it all in such a simple, practical way: all God’s Law is summarised in one single command to LOVE. A love which is not just sentimental or abstract, but one which shows itself concretely in service and works of love. I have been in this parish for 6 years, and it was an altogether grace-filled experience. It is a privilege to be part of this community, to come to know each one of you and be part of your lives, to love you and to witness God’s love working in you. I will certainly miss you all, but I will keep you in my prayers and leave you with this blessing…

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