Reflection by Fr Marcel (23rd /24th July 2022)

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear friends in Christ, 


Today we celebrate the 17th Sunday in Ordinary time. Drawing inspiration from the Gospel text of today (Lk 11:1-13) in which at the request of one of his disciples, Jesus teaches them the Lord’s Prayer, it is necessary that we cultivate a habit of prayer. In his life, Christ prayed alone as seen  in the Gospel of today, for others as was the case when he prayed for little children and blessed them.(Cf. Mtt 19:13), for his disciples( Cf. Jn 17: 9 ff) and with others like when he took with him Peter James and John and went up a mountain to pray(Lk 9:28). We may ask: Being God, why did Jesus pray? Three Theological reasons can be given. Firstly, he prayed to give an example to his followers.  Secondly, in the mystery of the Incarnation,  he took human nature and as man he had to pray. Thirdly, the nature of the Blessed Trinity allows for communication between the three Divine Persons and therefore Jesus could pray to God the Father. 

Brethren, it is important for us to make prayer a habit because without prayers we cannot please God. We need help from above. Prayer unites us to Christ from whom we draw strength to live the Christian life. We need to create time for prayer, respect it and be regular. Above all we should persevere in prayers for God will surely answer us at his appointment time as he assures us: Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you” 

The Our Father prayer is perfect because it is not selfish. Rather, it is for the benefit of all and points to God as father of all( the one human family). In Jesus’ style of prayer, we learn to Praise, adore and thank God for our needs and those of the world and to ask pardon for our sins. The Prayer of a righteous man are powerful and effective.(Jas 5:16) This is the case with the prayers of Abraham.  Our prayers are most powerful when we pray with a pure heart. Let us strive to pray always, alone, with others and for others. Let us inspire others to pray. Make prayer a habit.

Happy Sunday 

Remain blessed. 

Fr. Marcel Kofon 

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