Final drive on vaccinations before Lockdown ends, and Super Sunday II at Spurs on 18th July.

We are now getting ready for the easing of lockdown restrictions from 19th July. It is of course critically important now that we get as many people vaccinated before then as possible.

Our headlines at the moment are that take-up among young people is disappointing, after our relative success in older age cohorts.  Our feedback is that young people are more relaxed about catching covid, which is a mistake as long covid is very debilitating and a condition we know little about. In addition, being vaccinated may help secure employment and be necessary to travel abroad. Please push this message.

There are appointments available for second doses for people in our community who have not had one. Our ask is that people have 28 days between jabs. The contact details are    and 0203 074 2706.

In addition, there will be a follow-up event at Spurs on Sunday 18th July from 10am to 6pm. People can go for first or second dose Pfizer.  To book a slot use the following link.

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