I am really confused about the whole situation.  We have been trying to protect ourselves from coronavirus for the last year and a half.   So many have died and some suffering from long-Covid.  We have had to make so many sacrifices during that time.  It would be a pity to waste all the efforts.

What is this ‘FREEDOM’ we hear of?  Is it freedom to do as we like?  If I insist on using my freedom, it could be very damaging to others.  We seem to be moving from sensible restrictions to a free-for-all.  This defies logic while Covid-19 is still affecting thousands of people.  We know we have to move on, but it would be helpful to be told to do so cautiously.  The removal of the wearing of masks in public places is irresponsible.  This is the view of many medical experts.  Those who have been shielding over all those months will feel less safe than ever.  We will be less inclined to go into public or crowded places. Where does that leave our ‘freedom’?  We know that when it was obligatory to wear masks, many people ignored the regulation. Where does that leave us now? 

Yes, the vaccine has given us protection, but cases of infected are still rising.  I don’t know what to make of the crowd at Wimbledon and Wembley etc.?

In our Parish Survey and our Parish meeting, it was clear that we need to proceed cautiously, regardless of government directives.  So in our church, we should continue to wear our masks.

Sanitising and social distancing should continue as at present for the time being.  Thanks for your co-operation.     God bless, Fr Joe

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