Message from Fr. Joe (10/04/2022)

Dear Parishioners,

Today, Palm (Passion) Sunday the liturgy sets before us the great events of Holy Week – the betrayal, suffering, death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We listen today to the drama of the Lord’s Passion as given to us in St Luke’s Gospel. But let us not forget the message from the first reading, Isaiah 50, depicting the suffering servant, Jesus who suffered on our behalf.

We have the beautiful words written by St Paul to the people of Philippi from his prison cell in Rome. That new Christian community in Philippi, tormented by internal disputes and resistance from outsiders are reminded, as we are too, that Christ our Saviour suffered humiliation and therefore was raised to new life so that we could live that same new life.

His state was divine, yet Christ Jesus did not cling to his equality with God but emptied himself to assume the condition of a slave … Therefore God raised him high…

Let us listen with attention to the drama of the Passion and with gratitude to God for sending his Son, Jesus to be our advocate, saving us from sin and eternal death. Jesus enters Jerusalem with shouts of welcome – it was those very same voices who chanted ‘crucify him, crucify him’ some days later. The Gospel challenges us to think of our Christian lives and how we face our commitment to living out its message.

PASSOVER MEAL: Our Passover Meal took place last Wednesday evening, with several parishioners taking part. Many thanks, to our caterers and those who have helped in the preparation.


On Holy Thursday we celebrate the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. We spend time watching at the altar of repose remembering Jesus’ suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Good Friday: We pray the Stations of the Cross in the morning lead by our young people. At 3pm, we join Christians throughout the world, commemorating the Passion of Jesus and his death on Calvary. There is an hour of prayer in the evening, at 4pm around the Cross remembering Chris in the tomb.

All is still until we celebrate the Easter Vigil: on Holy Saturday evening we baptise and welcome new members into our Church; the blessing of the Easter fire and the Mass of the Resurrection.

(You might like to bring your Holy Water bottle to be replenished with Easter Water. You might also like to bring a plant/flowers for the Easter Garden).

This Holy Week is a time of blessing, let us pray that we can make the most of this special time. Please make sure to have a copy of the timetable for the Holy Week ceremonies and tell others too.

Have a Happy Holy Week.
God bless. Fr Joe

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