Reflection by Sr. Devy (17/04/2022)

Easter Sunday

Dear friends,

Optical illusions make us question what we see. Take for example this image here. What do you see when you look at it? At first glance, most of us would see the profile of a man with a hand on his chest. Upon closer inspection however, one would find a bent old man, a young woman carrying a baby, a dog lying on the street… I’m always fascinated by the hidden things on these images. I’m not sure whether this copy is too small, but here’s a game: I challenge you to find up to five other faces!

In a way, I find these images represents what happens in today’s gospel. Three people were faced with the same reality but each drew a different conclusion from it. Mary of Magdala saw the stone moved away from the tomb and went running in a panic, “Someone stole the body!” Simon Peter took the forensic scientist approach and started analysing the ‘evidence’ – noting the where and how each linen cloth were placed. The beloved disciple saw the same thing…

“…and he believed…”

How did he make that leap of faith from ‘empty tomb’ to ‘Jesus is risen’?!? Out of all the possible explanation for why the tomb was empty, jumping right into believing that it is because Jesus had come back to life from the dead seems completely illogical!

Or maybe it wasn’t… after all, this disciple did see the same Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead shortly before they entered Jerusalem, and Jesus did bring the little sick girl from to life, as well as the son of a widow. Perhaps it was actually the most obvious and logical conclusion – after all, Jesus seems to have power even over death. Indeed, this is the most wonderful and incredible Good News we celebrate as Christians and especially on Easter: Jesus is TRULY risen! Alleluia! He has conquered death; death no longer has to have the last word in life, the final and greatest tragedy of our existence. Instead, we can look forward to our own rising to new life – not just on the Last Day, but even now in our day to day…

We all know that life brings with it many challenges (each of us can easily rattle of the things we struggle with!) We, too, often find ourselves facing death and an empty tomb. Can we see beyond, and perceive a deeper and greater reality? Can we find those ‘hidden faces’ of God in the bigger picture of our lives?

I pray that we may have the same faith as the beloved disciple, to look at those seemingly empty spaces in our lives and be able to say in faith, hope and love: “I believe!” Have a blessed Easter Week!
Sr. Devy

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